Polished Metal || BTS Jimin Fanfic

Polished Metal || BTS Jimin Fanfic

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🌧Miss Invisible🌧 By BeYourself_789 Updated Apr 05

"Get away from me!"  I shrieked, "You're nothing but a monster!"

anthropophobia (n.) - fear of people or society

Yuk Eunjin is diagnosed with Anthropophobia due from her childhood experience. Unable to face human interaction, she isolates herself from the entire world with her talking K9 and place where people barely visit.
However, on one coincidental day, she bumps into an enthusiastic boy who soon tries to help  her overcome her fear but not everything will go quite smoothly, won't it?

 ❝Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ❞ -Marie Curie
  Started on: August 25, 2016
  Ended on: N/A
(Pictures and Videos are not mine. I only own the Plot, the Writing and the Cover. I also don't own BTS of course ^^)

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oxyjeonkook oxyjeonkook Oct 30, 2017
i swear, if i buy one for my dog, all it'll do is swear at me
CFP2005 CFP2005 Nov 17, 2017
Mickey? OMG! 😂😂  I'm sorry but....am I the only one who thought of Mickey mouse? ....no? k.
CFP2005 CFP2005 Nov 17, 2017
says the hoe who hadn't stepped outside her house since she was born... HOE! GET THAT OUTTA HERE!