Kisses Of The Rain

Kisses Of The Rain

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zootopia_fangirl By zootopia_fangirl Updated 6 days ago

"One thing about rain is that it washes away all that is broken and fixes all that will become from the broken" -zootopia_fangirl

Watch how are favorite couple battles through the rain. Many unexpected events happen and Judy and Nick must fight it or else They could lose what they love the most..

Each other...

Writer_In_The_Corner Writer_In_The_Corner Sep 20, 2016
Nick looked left and saw... a crack on the 4rth wall that began to spread!
TheMostAwesomeGamer TheMostAwesomeGamer Sep 20, 2016
THAT IS SO SAD OF NICK'S DAD!! Man, I'm happy I don't have a dad like that...
MyAnimason MyAnimason Dec 27, 2016
I'm just gonna say I love your fanfics I read "zootopia high" and I'm starting "zwar", after a few hours I found this and it is absolutely beautiful, like everyone of your fanfics. I keep drabbling on I'm sorry just wanted to let you know I love you and your fanfics! # zootopia_fangirl4life
Zootopia_Monster Zootopia_Monster Nov 29, 2016
Your videos on youtube are amazing as heck!! I love this story like always, your books make my day special. Thank you best fangirl friend ever!! :)
JSMGaming JSMGaming Oct 30, 2016
Fuuuck. Wheres the plaster. We need to seal it be continued
fangle-goddesss fangle-goddesss Dec 28, 2016
Guys get me some plaster ,cement and a nail gun were gonna fix this wall today