Funny kind of love...  [Kiba Inuzuka]

Funny kind of love... [Kiba Inuzuka]

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Kiba hates Hotaru. Hotaru hates Kiba. Should be pretty simple, right?

    Samtstern Samtstern Mar 29, 2016
    I kinda wait that someone would write a creepy comment here XD
    MadTeaParties MadTeaParties Aug 01, 2016
    In kibas head:you can't catch me gay thoughts! 
                                  Other voice in kibas head:yes we can!
    I've read this book before, and trust me  it feels like it took a million and one years for them to finally be together
    Kekkei_Genkai42 Kekkei_Genkai42 Jan 08, 2016
    lol I love your side comments. XD Anyways,  I thought Kiba feel asleep in a tree branch? Or was I high when I read that? O.o
    animeswagg animeswagg Dec 17, 2014
    BlazingEmbers BlazingEmbers Oct 27, 2014
    *ducks down 
                                  I am not stalking you.
                                  *acts all innocent. 
                                  Yay I know this was posted awhile ago but I had to post a stalkerish comment.