Deter || b.barnes || 2 SU

Deter || b.barnes || 2 SU

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Bella By Belalugosii Updated Sep 14

"You guys realize that's not even remotely funny on our end." 

"It was a little funny. If your minds in a deep rooted dark optimistic stage of hope."


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the-golden-empress the-golden-empress Nov 09, 2017
*squeezes self to near death* *pops up of where I was laying on the ground* I'm good
MotleyQuinn MotleyQuinn Aug 13
Why does everyone have to be so old? I mean the Avengers crew are to old, lord knows Cap is above and beyond, The Supernatural gang are old! Why do they all have to be so pretty and old?!? Why do I have to be so young! Chuck what are you doing do you want me to die alone?
MotleyQuinn MotleyQuinn Aug 13
Yas!!!! Now we just Cas to say ‘Assbutts’ and life will be complete
Ok so yes, I'm a little bummed I don't see Tove anywhere bUT I am starting to really like these girls and I'm pretty curious to see how they fit in with the story
I thought this was a bucky ff who the he'll are these bishes
MotleyQuinn MotleyQuinn Aug 13
I have never been more happy and sad in my entire life. 😂😭