Is this real? // Joe Sugg FanFiction

Is this real? // Joe Sugg FanFiction

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Jess x By suggeroos Completed

*Jess' POV*
Mum and dad were having an argument, they'd never had one like this before. But the next thing I knew the door had slammed shut and a car was disappearing off in the distance, it had to of been dad who'd left as mum can't drive. I huddled into the corner of my room, arms tucked round my legs. I was scared, what was gonna happen now. I needed to think. I grabbed my bag and dumped everything I needed in it, grabbed my hoodie and ran out the house. I heard my mum screaming my name through sobs from behind, but I couldn't look back I just needed to get away. 

I ran down to the beach, it always calmed me down. I took a seat on the pebbles and put my head in my knees. Why was this happening to me? Why were they fighting? I was deep in thought when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped up and looked behind me, there stood a boy just a bit taller than me. He had blue eyes and brown floppy hair, he could pull off the Justin Bieber look any day. He stood there calmly, he wore ...

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