Wrath |Book 1|

Wrath |Book 1|

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His name was Wrath. Is was unusual, but somehow poetic. The scar that ran down the right side of his face made me even more drawn to him, because that means he has a story. A story I want to know. His posture showed his confidence but his emotions showed his vulnerability. The irony of his name showed me that he was a beast, but deep inside he was broken, and I wanted to pick up the pieces.

Her name was Darby. Whenever it would ring through my mind I would feel this pull at my heart that scared the shit outta me. All I know is anger, pain, and loss. What I'm feeling now is not in those categories. If anything, it's the polar opposite. She intrigued me on so many levels. But her past is something she hides, and I want to be the one to know the story behind it. 

-Darby Harrow and Wrath Colts have known each other since grade school. The ironic thing is they have never spoken before. She is the honor student and he is the bad boy from hell. She's the golden star and he's the scorching flame. Despite their differences they have one major thing in common. They both have a story. They both dreamed that even the misconceptions of life can be turned positive.

She has it all figured out. Graduate high school at the top of her class, go to culinary school, open a restaurant. He is only sure of one thing, his future entails nothing good. But when they finally form a friendship many things change. 

He is a beast that no one can figure out, she is the beauty that doesn't know her value. He deals with his problems with resorting to anger and violence. She hides all her demons behind a smile.

What they didn't know is that they are each other's saving grace, they just have to look behind the differences to find it-

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More info will be in the Author's Note in the beginning. I really hope you enjoy my book. 

*Mild language*

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I like the idea that the books can be read as standalones when the series is complete