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Tanya Spencer By TLSpencer Completed

Luke slid his arm around the back of my chair and nodded toward Kai. "You two know each other?"

"Kind of." There was no need to turn and see the contempt on Kai's face.

Luke's eyes narrowed. "He's into you."

"No." I shook my head even as shivers ran up my spine. "We can't stand each other."

Luke moved closer and spoke into my ear. "Then why can't he take his eyes off of you?"

When psychic Bailey is pulled from the river by a gorgeous Native American, he disappears before anyone else sees him. It's only when the new guy saunters into town that she has a name to match the face: Kai Chiwaten. Bailey's captivated by Kai, but when a crime scene and one of her premonitions collide, Bailey's dream of being accepted by Kai and his tribe is shattered by a truth only she can see.

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LadyOfTheWild LadyOfTheWild Apr 27, 2017
What a great start! Will definitely be continuing. Have you published this anywhere?
SFBatt SFBatt Sep 01, 2016
One chapter at a time is torture! Can't wait for the next one!
TLSpencer TLSpencer Aug 25, 2016
Chapter 2 will be posted on Thursday, September 1, 2016, by 12:00pm Pacific. I'm brand new to Wattpad, and I welcome comments of what worked you, and what didn't. Thank you!
michaeladancer michaeladancer Aug 28, 2016
Soooooo good!!! Can't wait for more!!! 😱👌🏻💗💗💗
SFBatt SFBatt Aug 28, 2016
So good! The scene in the barn and the scene where Bailey falls in the water were both suspenseful. Love it! I also love that she might have or thinks she has  met the guy she has been dreaming about. Can't wait for more!
TLSpencer TLSpencer Aug 31, 2016
I'm shooting for posting Chapter 3 on Tuesday, Sept 6, and Chapter 4 on Friday, Sept 9. Hope you enjoy!