The power inside me

The power inside me

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LexiLou By LexiLouLoveyou Updated Oct 03, 2017

He grabbed my arm he pulled me close to him "can I ask you something?" He asks. 

"Sure jerk face" I say I was really not in the mood people needed my help. 

"I need a cope someone to talk to when I need them" he says I raise an eyebrow. 

"Get a therapist then I need to go Nathan" I say I was done with this conversation and i needed to be. 

"I want you to be my coping mechanism" he says and I stop and look at him. 

"Yeah right I'm not a toy that you can play with whenever you want I'm not at your feet like every other girl" I say pulling my arm out of his grip and start to walk away

"Avery I know your secret" he says and I stop in my tracks. How did he find out?


Avery Cameron is a girl who you would think is average but she's not. When Avery was 7 someone had come into her house after her. They did get to her and got their goal. Her dad tried to help her and was killed in the process. After a month she found out what they had done to her. They gave her power only 3 but that was enough. She can control elements, all her senses are heightened, and she could run faster than the speed of light! 

Nathan Drake the schools popular boy, band boy, and jock all in one. That's a power itself Avery was no one in school she had two friends that's it. She despised him jerk face was his name to her. What happens when he finds out? Will they fall in love? Will he get hurt because of the enemy's she's made? He aces popularity she aces heroism.

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romanticotaku romanticotaku Aug 25, 2016
Lol, Nate seems sweet but in Avery's point of view he seems like a total jerk.