Cutthroat: A Ramona Park Legend

Cutthroat: A Ramona Park Legend

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A spin-off to Ramona Park Legend. This will overlap that story. To better understand this story it is suggested that you read the original story.


1. a murderer or other violent criminal.

2. fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures.

In some people's eyes Joey was way different from his cousin, Marcel. A savage who lived for the street life. Somebody who thrived off of it, but that wasn't the case at all. It was something that fell into his lap by force. He had dreams of being more than just a gang member. He had dreams of being an NFL star, but that didn't pan out. Instead he was in the streets making moves following in the footsteps of his father and older brothers. He had to live up to his family street name as one of the Fatts.

From the difficult relationship with his on & off girlfriend, Deja, homelessness, and just trying to find a way out Joey finds himself lost. Put in predicaments where he felt his hand was forced not only to steal, but kill. Will Joey ever get his life on track? 

This is Cutthroat, A Ramona Park Legend. Gather around kids and hear his story.

Boring? I didn't want it to end and it's only the first damn chapter🙌
ItsDae_ ItsDae_ Jun 24
Cause you can't let no person h@e you period as a women or child you just had this natural instinct to have your own back idk
I didn't get my own room until I was 15 so I know the feeling
Do you deserved the master room. She's really good for nothing, she deserve a box on the corner
Dyme 😭 her and Deja friends in real life tho, her babys so cute
reemmajor reemmajor May 05
You a goddamn movie maker when I get rich I'm finding you 💯😂