Lead The Way (BL)

Lead The Way (BL)

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orblee By orblee Updated Sep 28, 2017


Gene dies and reincarnates as Cia, a young man with many secrets. When Gene wants to focus on fixing things in his old life, he finds he also has things to fix in his new life as Cia.


When Gene was dying, he held onto so many regrets. He regrets leaving his bride at the altar those many years ago, he regrets never staying in contact with his parents and most of all, he regrets never seeing his son. Yet not only regrets but also guilt was stacked up in his heart. So even near death, his soul fought to stay on earth only to get rid of these regrets and guilt. And it was because of these regrets and guilt that he managed to get a second chance at life. 

A/N:  This story is inspired by True Star and Kill the lights (Which I am a huge fan of--both) I hope you enjoy. I really appreciate comments, so thank you.

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HunterKross HunterKross Jun 29, 2017
This story of  @author-nim is really interesting. I kept thinking how the story will progress. Since i am an avid reader of true star and kill the lights too... I thank author-nim for posting this story. 😁😁😁 please update soon! 😊😉
crislamusa crislamusa Jun 28, 2017
I really liked it 
                              (I'm Spanish and I understanded everything :3)
maloud07 maloud07 Oct 18, 2017
I'm french and I speak just a little english but not enough to understand this book, would that tell to anybody to pass in private and to teach it to me please ?
jorypark jorypark Jun 21, 2017
It is really interesting my family is gathering and I am by myself reading
agayninja agayninja Sep 17, 2016
Don't worry I would never take your work  ... I am too unworthy of it . Too bad this wasn't an update *sniff*
himeaurora himeaurora Nov 02, 2016
Mee too. Huge fans of true star, reborn of the superstar and kill the lights. Hohohoh. I love this kind of story. Swap soul, reincarnated etc. Wkwlw.