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The Secret Guardians

The Secret Guardians

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Pandas By sweeetPanda Updated Jul 03

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         His smirk fell
    "Whatever" he mumbled before walking out the room. After he slammed the door shut, I slumped down on the floor and brought my knee up to my chest hugging them.
          I let my tears drop, this will be the last time I will cry for him
         He rejected me. He left me here alone to pick up my broken pieces of heart. He left me here to fix my heart. He left me here for his playboy life. He left me here and I will not forgive him.
         Standing up I wiped my tears away and I put up my wall of façade before walking out the door. The sight in front of me made my heart dropped.
         There, just a few feet away from me is Jaxon kissing Tammy. I turned away to class with a determined face on. 
         He will regret it. He will... Watch out Jaxon Daggers I will get my revenge and you will regret ever rejecting me... you will regret rejecting a secret guardian and the moon goddess's daughter.
       17yr old twins Scarlett and Allison were sent from heaven to protect a pack. However there is a catch, they have to enter the pack dressed up as nerds.
       Add in a whole problem of rogues, jealous bitches, and some stubborn ass werewolves, Allison and Scarlett are in a hell of a ride. Just exactly what could happen?
  This is my first book so there might be some mistakes, but I did try to fix them before posting...please give it a chance...

NatthakarnV NatthakarnV 2 days ago
I like and know about Koop but I do not LOVE btw I LOVE BLACKPINK which I the only artist(s) I love other I just like
Let me gues ........ He is the hottie with the Body of your dream Dude? XD
NatthakarnV NatthakarnV 2 days ago
Same cuz my dad has 11 other brothers so I have a LOT of cousin I don't even know
NatthakarnV NatthakarnV 2 days ago
Same but bc I'm too young but I would love to use make up but natural
StalkerAtYourWindow StalkerAtYourWindow Oct 02, 2016
Holy shot I'm a Koop fan and I love your characters so much😭😂
thecattywitch thecattywitch Oct 05, 2016
So when I'm introduced to a person I try to come up with little names to remember them and I came up with a few funny ones:
                              Star Scarlett
                              Jerky Jaxton
                              Happy Henry 
                              Asymmetric Alec
                              Cool hair Krystal
                              I don't know why I came up with these.