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ScarlettsMir By ScarlettsMir Updated Apr 07

"Rude, aren't you", she hissed, feeling the tears prick the back of her eyes. "A filthy little mudblood, am I?"  A tale of 7 years of Hogwarts journey of Hermione Granger, a girl mistakenly sorted into the wrong house by a cruel twist of fate. And sometimes,  the Sorting Hat liked to play jokes, if only to ease his infinite boredom. 
  [A Slytherin!Hermione fanfiction. DRAMIONE & Golden Trio Centric] *Cover Art © ScarlettsMir. Please do not use without permission. I do not own the Harry Potter universe. Only the art cover and the basic twist of the story line is mine.
Written on 08.24.2016
Words: 49,299

I'm just here trying not to slap hermione and ron coz they're both so annoying rn
StorytellerAir StorytellerAir 5 days ago
                              Except I did that in six grade- through the first like two months of seventh grade. Now I go to bed at midnight 😁👍😃😃😃😂 and wake up at eight Wooh
Ace_Nebula Ace_Nebula Jun 02
A new hogwarts house has been made, it is named GrySlytherin
Ace_Nebula Ace_Nebula Jun 02
Malfoy. Hermione Jean Malfoy....
                              "I am your future wife. Nice to meet you"
how is she gonna send an owl when she knows nothing about how to send owls, or how to even find an owl?
but it is sad. imagine having all of your brothers away from home and now you have no one to play with for a whole year (cause you can't actually play with your mom)