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ScarlettsMir By ScarlettsMir Updated Feb 08

"Rude, aren't you", she hissed, feeling the tears prick the back of her eyes. "A filthy little mudblood, am I?"  A tale of 7 years of Hogwarts journey of Hermione Granger, a girl mistakenly sorted into the wrong house by a cruel twist of fate. And sometimes,  the Sorting Hat liked to play jokes, if only to ease his infinite boredom. 
  [A Slytherin!Hermione fanfiction. DRAMIONE & Golden Trio Centric] *Cover Art © ScarlettsMir. Please do not use without permission. I do not own the Harry Potter universe. Only the art cover and the basic twist of the story line is mine.
Written on 08.24.2016
Words: 42,853

Hermione: *wrinkles nose* 
                              Voldemort: THE MUDBLOOD CAN DO SOMETHING I CAN NOT I MUST KILL HER A ONCE!!!!!!!
Rosabella_Ashbry Rosabella_Ashbry Sep 30, 2016
Hey don't insult huffle puffs. Even if I'm a Gryffindor my brother is a huffle puff.
calledpottah calledpottah Oct 08, 2016
Same place with sherlock holmes series the hound of baskervilles 😂 i read it thousand times
ScarlettsMir ScarlettsMir Oct 01, 2016
She had books, and this story has and will have lots of time skips so just think that she already knew
deernut- deernut- Oct 27, 2016
How can Merlin be a Slytherin if the Hogwarts founders weren't even born yet? 😳 I'm sorry if this comes out rude!
Truffledor Truffledor Nov 19, 2016
Sorry Hermione ;-; Interested to see where this goes, loving the writing style!