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"h-hi...i'm tyler joseph."

 in which a wealthy businessman with azure hair commits an act of infidelity with the new maid with the dimples on their magenta tinted cheeks.


this fic heavily focuses on smut, and if this makes you uncomfortable, i wouldn't recommend reading this.

tw;; smut, mentions of past abuse

Holy mother of god, if I wasn't going to hell already I am for the things I wanna do to that man
he just casually pierced his lip right there as they're fighting???
*thinking to myself* how many people are going to comment daddy or something like it on this pic? *checks comments* Y'all never disappoint me
PeppaRox PeppaRox Nov 14
Y. Is. he. So. Fücking. Hot?!!,&:&:&:&:$2&/8;&$:8302;4$:dbeiskei LIKE HOW HOW Y CANT HE BE MY HUSBAND