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I will always want you (Destiel AU)

I will always want you (Destiel AU)

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keepcalmyouidjit By keepcalmyouidjit Updated Jun 22, 2014

It's another High School AU. With a bit of a twist to come.

wood_clearing wood_clearing Oct 27, 2016
The relief in my soul when it was just a dream was so immense I literally had to just stop for a second and not many fan fictions can do that to me and the fact that it happened in the prologue scares me but I've already read twist and shout so what could possibly go wrong
vanillacas vanillacas Jan 01
if he is an angel in the fanfic (which i havent read the rest yet so idk) then why is he sleeping?
supernovawinchester supernovawinchester Apr 25, 2016
This whole thing screams Major Character Death or atleast a huge break up
ttobbs ttobbs Nov 17, 2015
'Cause good ol' dad's dead and burning in hęll with the rest of them.
bitterhufflepuff bitterhufflepuff Oct 12, 2015
Thank for the heart attack. (And the memories) 
                              (Anyone? No? Okay. Bye)
7happysvens 7happysvens Aug 15, 2015
Typo "pulled in a pulled in a different direction" but Very Good do far