Virgin// Grayson Dolan

Virgin// Grayson Dolan

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Sex. What is sex? Sex is something you fantasize about , what you question. What does sex feel like? Does it hurt? I'm sure we've all asked ourselves that. Sex is everything if you've never experienced it before. Being a Virgin is a one time thing , it's special because the one you love will take it away from you. 

'Unlike me Megan Steer , I'm a virgin and I'm just a girl waiting for the right person which is not my current boyfriend"


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Oh that's cool me and Grayson have the same last name 😂😂 ( I hope someone gets this)
caxdicee caxdicee Dec 29, 2017
This sounds so wrong omfg🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
multi-stories multi-stories Oct 30, 2017
I get that a lot when I say my name and I'm like "are you high?"
I actually sometimes wonder if he is a virgin. I know he most likely isn’t, but I’m pretty sure he has a purity ring from what I’ve seen, and he hasn’t been in a relationship since he was 14. And Grayson doesn’t seem like the person to lose their virginity at 14. Idk though
nehaldolan1234 nehaldolan1234 3 days ago
When they reach her home then they’re going to her bedroom drinking vine and listing to music then they’ll fall asleep and the next morning Dave will jump out the window and the girl will spill vine on the carpet. Then they’ll meet again at the movies😂 (only few people will understand)
multi-stories multi-stories Oct 30, 2017
Rejected,rejected,yeah you just got rejected
                              R E J E C T E D rejected! 
                              I'm sorry💀💀