She's Into Drummers || Ashton Irwin

She's Into Drummers || Ashton Irwin

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"I have to do a documentary of someone I love but am not related to for filmmaking and I'm doing it on you."

"Okay I'll do it, on one condition."

 || Who knew that a school project could create one hell of a ride. ||

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It's midnight and I got school tomorrow, I have to go to bed but I wanna read ur book.... Idk what to do 😭😂
crocs12 crocs12 Apr 05
I no lie know someone with that same exact last name and first name. Oh my she's in my CHEM class
I wanna do the alright los angles thing but someone already did
That's also  my least favorite part about being a new student 😅
I only have 4 classes,  granted they're each 94 minutes each and I also don't have homeroom. I have something called e block (we callbeach class or period block)  in the middle of the day where we can use as a study hall type of thing byt you can also just hang out to during that time.
Everyone with all these different classes when my school has to share the science and social studies teacher s between 5th and 6th grade and 8th grade math we couldn't have textbooks cause we can't afford it. Our math teacher in high school teaches every type of math cajse we dont have another one