You'll Always Be Mine [The Cellar sequel]

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Tasha By natashapreston Completed
After escaping from police custody, Clover tries to piece his life back together. Determined to return to home and be reunited with his family, he has to first elude the country wide man hunt. Will he be able to resist his old ways in order to remain undetected?
    After hearing that Colin has escaped, Summer and Becca prepare themselves for the inevitable; Clover is coming back for them. Will the police and their families be enough to protect them?
    Clover’s coming back and he’s determined to prove to the girls; ‘You’ll always be mine’.
"Always go that extra mile to make sure you've completed the job effectively," said every psychopath ever...
Oml... Only imagining his reaction when he finds out that she offer herself
I read the cellar like last month and I now find out there's a sequel sometimes I think I an so clueless lol
Like a dirty criminal. Like. A. Dirty. Criminal.
                                    I think I am going to die.
                                    He's soooooo stupid! Like, FACEPALM!!!
I loved the Cellar so much and I can't wait to read this one
Bro im just thinking how this poor guy probably had a family to look after u dick omfg i want this motherfuckerr to rot in hell after i kick him in the nuts a few thousand times