[✓] kinky couple ↠ jungkook

[✓] kinky couple ↠ jungkook

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❝we are not a kinky couple, we just love each other.❞


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mochiimint mochiimint Jun 10
Me: Oh, kinky. I see 
                              Also me: puts in library and starts reading
Hold the god damn phone 
                              Y nobody as anything they was gonna watch their class mates have sex in class I'm shook
ViivikaLoks ViivikaLoks Jun 16
at first I thought Jungkook caled his "thing" mr.gray but then i realised that they are in class XD
vhyungwifeu vhyungwifeu Jun 19
Its nothing i cant handle. Ive been through much more extreme stuff in wattpad
You know what theres a part get throbbing whenever i read smth dirty....whyyyy
taehyungskxm taehyungskxm Nov 10, 2016
lolol this is like me and my friends at school we're so dirty