Speak Up » Carl Grimes x Reader » Completed

Speak Up » Carl Grimes x Reader » Completed

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˗ˏˋ ashley ˎˊ˗ By blueberrygrimes Completed

Y/N L/N is a survivor, unlike her older sister and parents. After the end of the world began, she felt lonely, and stayed quiet. Being shy, she never joined any groups although she has wanted to ever since she lost her family... But she feels like a screw up, every time she's with someone something bad happens to them or the group they're with. One day she came across two men, asking her questions that she would not answer. Even though she wouldn't answer them, they brought Y/N back to their current base anyway, a prison. At the prison, Y/N meets a boy, Carl, and she feels as if she can trust him. But she has mixed feelings about the boy, will she be able to keep her relationship steady with Carl and will the prison be kept safe? Or will other bad things happen?

A/N: this is my first book so it's probably not as good as other books out there but it's the best I could do.

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Faith_Winchester11 Faith_Winchester11 Dec 18, 2016
I haven't read the chapter yet but oh my lord that trailer is amazing!!!
sweater-bear sweater-bear 7 days ago
My first thought was "if I wear my favorite color  (pastel blue) I'll get seen what" so I went for black bc it's more difficult to see. So I guess all black jeez
The moment when your wearing all black
                              "Normal people" -no I don't like the color black 
                              Me- fùck yeah let's do this
lunaantsy lunaantsy Sep 30, 2016
The trailers add a whole new concept to the story, I think they're marvellous and I haven't even begun to read the story
Gaby_Oreos Gaby_Oreos Oct 13, 2016
The trailer is amazing!!! I think I'm going to love the story
CatyCatYT CatyCatYT Dec 07, 2016
i love the trailer but would you mind telling me the name of the song you used?