*Beautiful Boy!!* (boyxboy,rape,mpreg)

*Beautiful Boy!!* (boyxboy,rape,mpreg)

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Syeda Maliha Tuli By SyedaMalihaTuli Updated Sep 12

Avrin is beautiful, adorable and pretty with his dazzling and feminine charm. Once you lay your eyes on him, you can never forget him. His unique beauty attracts both men and women. Even though he is a boy, he faces many difficulties in his life. He has been sexually harassed, kidnapped and stalked ever since he was just a little boy

Avrin has an older twin overprotective brother named Addison. Addison loves and cares for Avrin. Even though Avrin has his brother to protect him, he gets in someone's eyes. That someone is none other than the school's hottest guy Oris. He is also the school's richest bad boy. He has all he wants, money, power, looks, girls everything. He gets what he wants. 
Avrin catches Oris interest and Oris claims Avrin as his own property. Avrin never wanted this but his luck couldn't favor him. Oris kidnaps Avrin and rapes him. Avrin now is sick and broken. Why is Avrin sick? Will Avrin be able to escape from Oris or live his whole life in the golden prison? 

Find out soon.....

This fiction is my pure imagination.
[Author: Syeda Maliha Tuli]
([The story and the characters are fictional and belongs to me. So, please don't take or steal them. This is my first time writing online. So, please be gentle. ^_^ I hope you all will love my story and give me feedback. :)
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I took one look and my mind went. 
kunsangdoma kunsangdoma Aug 12
Choi minki omg i just saw produce 101 i was so invested in it I'm sad it ended i became a nuest fan now
Yuki_mamoto Yuki_mamoto Sep 29
There is no such thing as normal (my logical opinion people no h8 ova here)
AnimeNerdX AnimeNerdX Sep 12
How is his house in any shape or form, or even by definition 'LITTLE'😂
My room is the exact opposite. You have to CAREFULLY manuever around the junk and if you don't, you step on something you didn't know was there 'til just then.
I like your writing. Can you please update this story. Thank you!