*Beautiful Boy!!* (boyxboy,rape,mpreg)

*Beautiful Boy!!* (boyxboy,rape,mpreg)

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Syeda Maliha Tuli By SyedaMalihaTuli Updated Mar 07

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Avrin is beautiful with his dazzling feminine charm. He is adorable and the kindest boy around. His unique beauty always attracts unwanted attention from men. 

Avrin's older twin brother Addison is overprotective of him and has bother conflect. Avrin was happily living with his family until they had to move to California.

Avrin's world turns upside down when he meets the new school's jock who is the only son of a billionaire. The boy did whatever he wanted. He was powerful and everyone was scared to go against him. He had the looks of a greek God. Oris was his name.

Avrin didn't expect for Oris to get addicted and possessive with him so much that he ends up being stalked and kidnapped. Worse getting raped by him and having no way to escape from the hell. 

He did not either expected himself to get pregnant with the devil's child. Will he ever able to escape from the hell? Will he ever find happiness and freedom? Or stay lost in the abyss forever??

Find out soon.....

This fiction is my pure imagination.
[Author: Syeda Maliha Tuli]
([The story and the characters are fictional and belongs to me. So, please don't take or steal them. This is my first time writing online. So, please be gentle. ^_^ I hope you all will love my story and give me feedback. :)
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Redthorn12 Redthorn12 Nov 16, 2017
Unless this story is twincest/incest  then no it doesn't count
Redthorn12 Redthorn12 Nov 16, 2017
Baby you were born the way no one else in this place your a rock star baby you were born this way
I love the book the way that it is u the author u pick who u want for arvin
afatekah afatekah Mar 07
He is a BOY??😲
                              Noooo wayyyyyy,,
                              Ohh god why is boy more beauty than a girls😂
Tuliii... Did u changed the plot... If u had... So its fine... Im not in a rush... I was also curious to know... What happened to Addison.. Arvin 's brother.... He was in love with his own blood....???