Exodus: Of Gods and Queens [EDITING]

Exodus: Of Gods and Queens [EDITING]

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"Forty two," Pharaoh said as he banged a bejeweled fist on his throne.
  Rai looked at the king blankly, she did not understand what he meant.
  "Forty two what, o wise Pharaoh?"
  "Forty two magicians and sorcerers! The very best in the whole of Egypt. Do you know what I did to them?"
  Rai swallowed but remained mute. She was too scared to speak.
  "Answer me!" Pharaoh roared as he half rose from his throne.
  "I do not know, my lord. I have been absent for the past six months."
  "Well, since you were not around, allow me fill you in."
  He relaxed into his throne and fixed Rai with a heated gaze. "I hung them all." He paused, as if waiting for his horrifying words to sink in. "Every single one of them. I also included their families, and even their little ones weren't spared. Do you understand what's at stake if you fail?"
  Rai nodded. She was unable to find her voice.
  "Good. Now that we understand each other, let me tell you Moses' latest threat."

~~What if the gods of Egypt existed, forty feet vicious creatures fighting for dominance and obsessing over power?

What if a son of Pharaoh escaped the 10th plague, taking refuge in the midst of the very people tormented by his father?

It was 1446 B.C.; the year of the Isrealites' exit, standoff among gods, and the rise of Queens.

#70 in Historical Fiction (14/July/2017)
*written in British English.
*cover image not mine.

Jewelry4God Jewelry4God Oct 03, 2016
Ya wish! With all due respect I inform you millions of years have passed and you're dead, some 'god' you are. Pfft!!
MrGreen05 MrGreen05 Sep 26, 2016
lol they were probably like:
                              Satan help! Satan? You coward! 
CarrieThomasFoster CarrieThomasFoster Dec 03, 2016
Lol it's that serious? They must've kept the place spotless. 😂
Silentsparrow432 Silentsparrow432 Sep 01, 2016
Wow! You're a very talented writer. I liked this chapter very much and will try to read the next ones as soon as possible :D
JoePeacock JoePeacock Sep 20, 2016
this is very GOD good. Thanks for this story.  I can imagine it happening this way. Your story telling is tremendous.
naaaala2003 naaaala2003 Sep 01, 2016
Interesting and fun to read. Summed up all in one word totally awesome