The Exodus

The Exodus

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All pharaoh wanted was to have the last laugh. If he couldn't keep the slaves, why let them go? He was more prepared to bathe the wilderness with their blood than let them cross the red sea. 

Redemption was what Ra needed. After suffering defeat, all he longed for was to take back his principality. He didn't care what measure he had to take or what god he had to crush; Egypt was his.

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"Forty two," Pharaoh said as he banged a bejeweled fist on his throne.
  Rai looked at the king blankly, she did not understand what he meant.
  "Forty two what, o wise Pharaoh?"
  "Forty two magicians and sorcerers! The very best in the whole of Egypt. Do you know what I did to them?"
  Rai swallowed but remained mute. She was too scared to speak.
  "Answer me!" Pharaoh roared as he half rose from his throne.
  "I do not know, my lord. I have been absent for the past six months."
  "Well, since you were not around, allow me to fill you in."
  He relaxed into his throne and fixed Rai with a heated gaze. "I hung them all. Every single one of them. I also included their families, and even their little ones were not spared. Do you understand what is at stake if you fail?"
  Rai nodded. She was unable to find her voice.
  "Good. Now that we understand each other, let me tell you Moses' latest threat."

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Ya wish! With all due respect I inform you millions of years have passed and you're dead, some 'god' you are. Pfft!!
This is such a chapter! You make this Bible story look even better and more captivating. . .  Anxiously waiting for the next chappie. . .
Ok this may seem weird but thank you for lower casing the g in god. Cause I have a friend who doesn't understand the difference and it drives me crazy. So this makes me happy
Loved the book, you write extremely well👌 Will definitely read your next chapter:)
You write so well! I loved reading this chapter, & can't wait for another update! You give a different, interesting perspective on this period of Bible history, amazing! :D
I really liked this. It was well written, and though I did find some mistakes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to reading on :)
                              P. S. I would have commented earlier, when I voted, but I had to go mow someone's yard XD