Why -ErrorFresh- (Undertale Fanfic)

Why -ErrorFresh- (Undertale Fanfic)

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Mew! By NeonDreamsAreFiction Completed

I guess everyone had their happy ending.

Through separate ways of trying to be together when one was lost...

It was worth dying to be together again.


Hello you guys and welcome to Why, and ErrorFresh Fanfic.

This is only going to be short, one of the most shortest stories I've done, but I just wanted to make a quick ErrorFresh Story when Im bored.

Major Character Death
Minor Character Death
Small amount of fluff (i am such a failure)

Error Sans and Fresh Sans (c) CrayonQueen
Ink Sans (c) Comyet
AUs being shown (c) Respective Owners
Drawings in the parts belong to me.

Well thanks for making me feel souless for not crying XD you're so good!!!
Just to Twist somethings...
                              Plot Twist:
                              Error's dust was spread onto a flower and was injected with DETERMINATION. And now he is a souless flower. The end. jk
                              This story made me cry so hard!
I'm gonna start calling Ink this every time I read error X reader or other shippings that don't include Ink XD
So flipping cute it cinda made me cry because it's so romantic!😀💜💜.)
leaffishere leaffishere Nov 10
Even if I cant understand half of this (yeah, my English suck), I just love it. This is... UGH OH GOD ITS AWESOME <3 
                              I love this ship and I love this ff <3
                              You are my god.
Is literally crying and filling up a pool.
                              Mah Bro: Thirsty Author? Drink the tears of sadness.