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A Fan Fiction of how Jack Maynard and Lydia Connel fall in love. 

Everyone could see how much they loved each other. But they couldn't see it. All of ther fans and friends tease them about their strong connection but they always reply with "he's/she's just a friend" 

But what happens when Lydia is in a terrible accident and Jack is shocked by how much pain he is in at seeing Lydia like this?

'Lydia wakes up and stares at me dazedly. I quickly stand and start speaking to her "Never do that to me again. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I just needed to know you were okay" she smiles at me and I brush her hair out of her face. She was beautiful even in her worst moments. She's starts to speak but it's too late my lips are already on hers. She pulls away and smiles at me before kissing me lightly on the forehead      "I always knew we had a strong connection but I never actually thought we would end up feeling this way. I smile at her confused and simply reply "mean either. But I'm glad we do." '

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