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I’m dead btw By Crippling_Cupper Updated Apr 26, 2017

I'll try to make this intro as short as possible cuz I know you wanna get right over to the book so here it goes:

Art Requests: [NEVER]
Collabs: [OPEN]
Art Trades: [OPEN]

Hello there! :DD
I see you've fallen down unto my dump where I throw random ass drawings into it.
Please DO NOT take anything from this book WITHOUT MY PERSONAL PERMISSION.

Thank you for reading this short intro and I hope that you may enjoy the ride on my train through my Crappy doodle journal :'))

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Kitty-Otaku17 Kitty-Otaku17 Nov 03, 2016
How about 1 and 2? I thought of it since your old username has Silvaze in it, so why not redraw them. Almost like a live up to your name kind of way since you love Silvaze so much.
spacemovedaccounts spacemovedaccounts Oct 18, 2016
Ahhh it Crystal X3 I remember this. This pic is soooo old oh my