KSimon: Bad boy and the Good boy

KSimon: Bad boy and the Good boy

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XIX_Megz_XIX By FanFicMeg Updated Dec 29, 2016

JJ is a 16 year old rich boy who is known for doing illeagle things but never goes to jail because his parents pay the police officers, almost ever girls wants to bee with him and he is also know for being a player and hangs out with his friends Harry and Ethan.

Simon is also 16 year old and is known to be a kind and innocent souls in the school and is kinda popular for it, almost ever girl wants to date him as well and he is also known for being the best at football in his town, he also hangs out with his friends Josh, Tobi and Vikk. 

These two cross each others paths multiple times and start to talk yo each other more and become close friends ir something even more.

But nothing can go good with a Bad boy and a Good boy together.

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Lia24x Lia24x Apr 12, 2017
Fun fact, I was a kind person in primary school until year 3 when a teacher dragged me through a door for 'Fake coughing'
iamkpoptrash1 iamkpoptrash1 Oct 28, 2016
Simon, I'm going to beat your arse because your best friend Josh just specifically WARNED you not to hang around with them... wtf?😑