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A Beautiful Mistake

A Beautiful Mistake

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XxLeiaRxX By XxLeiaRxX Updated Jan 11, 2011

Seven years ago Denny Bradford made the biggest mistake she ever could, she ran away, ran from love, now seven years later a doctor in Iraq she stumbles into two old friends, one a passionate lover, and another someone she can’t live without. When with a twist of fate one dies, she finds herself in a torrent on unchecked emotions, and rushes head long into a different kind of love. But fate has one more trick up its sleeve, and this one might just be the shove that sends Denny over the edge.
Seven years ago, Bryan Dalton made the biggest mistake he ever could, he let the unknown love of his life run away, and when he stumbles upon her seven years later his content with seducing her, and using her the best way he knows how, unaware of the damage his actually causing to the one and only women he will ever love.
Seven years ago, Chase Evan’s never told the girl he loved how he felt, because he knew his best friend loved her too, now bitter rivals with his ex-best-friend, and shocked to find out Denny is still alive he needs to decided whether he will once again stand on the side line, or make a move and claim the infamous Denny for himself.

XxLeiaRxX XxLeiaRxX Jan 02, 2011
@AlwaysHope Thank-you so much! I really needed to hear that I'm so sick of of all the's peepy stupid stories that have no depth and they get all the attention lol! Thank-you thank-you!!!