Kittennoodle's Book of Art!

Kittennoodle's Book of Art!

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Elana By kittennoodle Updated 3 days ago

Thank you so much @FrostheartOfRainClan for the cover!!! :D

This is mah art book! It is a combination of both digital and traditional art, and if you want to, you can check out my earlier books; Kittennoodle's Book of Computer Drawings, and Kittennoodle Can Sketch.

I hope you enjoy!

Hope2467 Hope2467 Oct 27
Gigantronicalllysuperawsomnesssamazingly AWSOME! (Lol that's not ever a word but WHATEVAH)
Characters: 1
                              Character Details: A horse, black main and tail, brown body
                              Whats happening: The horse running
                              Scene: Meadow
                              Song for speedpaint: You Never Let Go by Jeremy Camp
                              Digital or Traditional: Whatever you want
Fangoi Fangoi Oct 01
Alright, my first request got deleted a while ago, (I turned the request form in like 3 months ago)
                              Because my account got deleted, so if it's okay, can I request again? Because the request never was completed ;w;