My Hijab

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ouT_of_the_OrdiNary By ouT_of_the_OrdiNary Updated 3 years ago
Why are you staring at me..huh!!!!!
I love this chapter! Would you please check out my hijab story please? Thank you sister
Hey guys it's an amazing poem. Could you read my latest story please?
                                    This is very true I loved this poem I think it takes alot to start wearing an hijab
this is great espexially for muslim girls like me who are going to wear it next years or few years
I think everyone should read this poem because it delivers such a good and important message to the whole world. You are very talented and courageous to be expressing your thoughts so truthfully and you have my full support and respect ^-^ V:)
Salam, i really love your poetry. Especially abt Hijab. Two thumbs up!