You shouldn't have gone to sleep (Jeff the killer x Ben Drowned)

You shouldn't have gone to sleep (Jeff the killer x Ben Drowned)

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Dead account By NoseyBloodyCreepy Updated Aug 24, 2014


"Y-yes Jeff." I cradled his head in one of my hands and the other was placed on his deep stab wound. Tears fell from my eyes onto his pale face. He chuckled deeply as blood fell from his mouth.

"Ben I....I need to tell you s....something...." He slowly reached up and placed his cold hand on my cheek. My hand gripped his wrist not letting go.

"What is it Jeff?" More tears fell from my face. I starred into his almost lifeless black eyes.

"I love you." His hand dropped onto the floor. I starred at his hand. Then back up at his face. His lifeless eyes starred up at the ceiling. 

"N-no please Jeff don't go! Please!" I sobbed into his chest. "This can't be happening!" I sobbed. I lifted my head off his chest and kissed his ice cold lips. 

"I love you too."

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And Sally, why would you ship your big brother with Jeff? (Sally and Ben are actually siblings, they were separated when Sally was born
castilos castilos May 07 you only ship Jeff x Ben I ship ALL OF THEM Jeff x liu, slender man x Jeff and offenderman x Jeff but.....JEFFREY IS ALL MINE I'm crazy for him!!!!if Jane tries to take my Jeffrey away I will KILL HER!!!!just for you Jeff the killer!!!
1. I love that Slendy is the boss of them all, it's just fitting.
                              2. HE SHIPS THEM!!!!
babbyyboy babbyyboy Sep 02, 2015
Well a guy screamed loudly next to my house so /: nothing suspicious going on i guess
joshdsr joshdsr Jul 02, 2015
Mmmmm....this is gonna be goodd...Jeff wants to.. "watch Netfilx and chill"
- - Oct 04, 2014
(Reads when Slendy says We are no match for his army.)
                              OOO, GURL, NONONONO!!!!!