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Picture it...South Italy, 1921 By schnano Completed

Hunting merfolk is not an easy task, but the pay off from their scales is worth facing the siren song. Captain Antonio Fernández Carriedo, is one such brave sailor after more than the treasure. He desperately wishes to be with his love, the ocean forever. However, the sea has some competition-Crown Prince Lovino, his siren cell mate after being captured by pirates.

cover by ななむらまこと (but I def wanna change it)

I hate this...

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What do we want? 
                              When do we want it?
                              Anytime cuz I don't expect it now anyway 👌.
Do you know why Danes believe in mermaids because let's be honest Denmark is the biggest cinnamon bun
Dude the weather ok yeh cost is perfect here I assure you. Especially if your passing portaferry. Or Newcastle. Or anywhere really. I like our coast line.
HetaliaHell HetaliaHell Jan 07
I really want to know your secret for being so beautifully detailed. Whenever I detail my stories I feel like I am saying too much, but when you do yours it looks perfect
ZheAwesomePrussia300 ZheAwesomePrussia300 Aug 29, 2016
This is really interesting :o I'm excited to read what happens next! ^^