❝Sexting your Anus Of(f)❞|✾Vkook

❝Sexting your Anus Of(f)❞|✾Vkook

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•*Vix{Vonderworld}문어 By VixTae-pus Updated Oct 02

_Taelorosaurus:Have u ever Sext? :3

_CockiesKook:No :'(

_Taelorosaurus:Me too

_CockiesKook:Let's do it. :|

_Taelorosaurus:But let's do it in a    
                                   different way *pedoaf*

Vkook| Taehyungxjungkook 

P.s: English is not my Jam

Sure he can.
                              Lay down and he draws you.
                              But what kind of "drawing" it is...i won't say anything.🌚
I think this have to means "think, that he's dumb." But imnot shure
O to the M to the G..cant believe u did it..since i read the titlw of ur ff..my purity disappeared
Tsk and  they said  we have to keep a good impression at the first time we talk to strangers
Phantasmen_ Phantasmen_ Oct 30
Sry aber du hast geschrieben 'nichts würde sich vetändern, wenn er eine Antwort WIRD.' Du müsstest 'gets an answer' schreiben.
                              Nicht böse gemeint nur kleiner Tipp :)
                              S= Sexy
                              N= Naked
                              Abs= Abs
                              I= I
                              S= See
                              L= Love them
                              A= A lot
                              N= Now
                              SSS= similiar to xxx (🌚)
                              N= (his number)
                              A= (his adress)
                              Result: Sexy naked abs I see. Love them a lot now. XXX, *number*, *adress*.
                              PERFECT ANSWER