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I'm With You ⇢ Blake

I'm With You ⇢ Blake

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♕loser™♕ By -sharmoans Completed

I'm With You. 
It commonly means, I agree with you. 
It can be a gesture of trust, "I believe in you."
It can be a gesture of romantic love, loyalty, infatuation. "We're miles apart but my heart is with you."

And Faye Reid is with Bellamy Blake every step of the way.

-sharmoans 2016
{Season 1-2}

xnetflixerx xnetflixerx Dec 18, 2016
*reads that there'll be sexual content* *eyes widen* *makes a double chin face* * screams* SMUT SMUT SMUT
Graceal123 Graceal123 Oct 04, 2016
Would you please look at my story and tell me how to improve.
H20Delicious H20Delicious Nov 25, 2016
Was it you who wrote 'Separation' and 'Betrayal' ??? Either I'm going crazy or their not published anymore. I could possibly be talking about another account so if I am I'm sorry.