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What Should We Fight For? ➸ Larry, Ziam, Nella. (Completed)

What Should We Fight For? ➸ Larry, Ziam, Nella. (Completed)

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Wrong By Sad_Angel_21 Completed

Where young boys come face to face with unexpected love.

Where simple coincidence can and will change their whole life.

Where secrets lie far away from the beginning.

Where life challenges them on every step they make and experiences them on every breath they take.

Where something bad happens every time they think that everything is alright now.

Past comes to take revenge.

Jealousy gets what it wants, memories will decide to fly away suddenly...

But maybe, just maybe there is something they have to fight for...

Or is the hope lost completely?

Read to find out.

Sam and Ruby? Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd (I'm thinking Supernatural here even though I would totally pair Sam and Gabriel together cause they are just so hot together)
, this time it is said a little harsher as the curly head in front of me opens his eyes though his body still shaking. (Can i do this? Just to help you out a bit with the wording? )
I feel like crying so mush right now... I haven't heard that in forever
Hells yeah!!! My other ship... It is official... I love you!!!
How about 'making the two teenage boys flinch from her harshness'
I would say more like good shape rather than skinny... Skinny when said about a person can make you think  anorexia skinny