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Can I love again? (Tom x reader) (Star vs the forces of evil)

Can I love again? (Tom x reader) (Star vs the forces of evil)

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FnafFreak By MazeMandM Updated Sep 20, 2016

Ok so I can't find like any Tom x reader stories so I made my own. Your name is (Y/N) and you are close friends with Marco and Star. What happens when demon ex boyfriend Tom comes and asks Star to go to the Blood Moon Ball with him. You soon start to feel attracted to Tom. Will you and Marco go watch over Star? (If you watched the episode then you would know.) And will you and Tom start to fall for each other? Find out by reading this!

I came up with the story but some credit goes to the people who made Star vs the forces of evil and so do the characters.

WARNING: there might be some sexual content in the future of this story. Maybe not but just a heads up. It won't be anything extreme. (Sorry X3)

nerdclub101 nerdclub101 Apr 09
I know , life hurts man but me and you will get through this together
NightOwl8D NightOwl8D Mar 24
ITS OK IM DEAD TOO or wait am I I mean I am over 2 billion years old I'm part angel part demon part werewolf part vampire and part siren but idk 
VeNixe_dbest VeNixe_dbest Nov 05, 2016
                              ❤ FIGHT      🎶 ACT      🎒 ITEMS      ❌MERCY 
                                    *Choke      💜 *Stab 
                                    *punch            *kick
                              *You stab Tom from the back
                              *You took the bunny
                              *you stabbed him once more
Am I the only one who's really annoyed that it's exactly one year after six hundred sixty six? Did they do it on purpose? XD
Can I ask a stupid question?
                              I'm doing it anyway.
                              Who DOESN'T love unicorns?!!
VeNixe_dbest VeNixe_dbest Nov 05, 2016
                              SOARING THROUGH THE STARS!
                              DELIVERING THE RAINBOWS ALL AROUND THE
                              WORLD!!! \(^O^)/
                              SO PURE OF HEART
                              AND STRONG OF MIND
                              SO TRUE OF AIM WITH HIS MARSHMALLOW LASERS
                              MARSHMALLOW LASSEEEEEEEEEERRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!