Perfect Mistake

Perfect Mistake

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☹ Marley May ☹ By Mxrleyy Completed

He was bad. 
                            He smoked, 
                            he broke the law, 
                            he drove to fast for his own good. 
                            He didn't care because no one
                            taught him how to, 
                            but when it came to her, 
                            he wanted to be the best man. 

                            He couldn't bare the thought of
                            her being hurt by him...or by 
                            anyone else. 

                            He would kill to protect her, 
                            the girl who cared about 
                            someone as worthless as him 
                            in all her perfection. 

I bit my lip and hesitantly said, "Please don't go."

He stopped and froze, looking at the floor to his side. "I think it's better if I do." He mumbled and I knew this wasn't just about the room, but about something entirely different.

"Please." I whispered pleadingly, but when he didn't move I licked my upper lip, "Just for tonight." My voice cracked and he stood around for a minute before nodding and closing the door, turning off the light. 

I felt the bed shift as he sat down and took off his shoes before his shirt, laying down next to me. I rolled around so I was facing him and I stared into his endless ocean blue eyes. They were so vibrant, even in the dark, that I got lost within the endless waves of them. I felt like I was being dragged under the waves, being taken to an unknown place that was mysterious to everyone, but I didn't mind. I welcomed the incoming waves, not fighting against them as they tugged at my feet, beckoning me to come a little closer, a little deeper, to see the dark side; and I wanted too, I wanted to see everything about him. 


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