You're Cute •larry•

You're Cute •larry•

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Harry Styles is a rich, popular, and loving, cross-dresser. He's the most known and talked about person in his school, and honestly, Harry loves that. It's his last year in high school but Harry hasn't ever been to prom. He's obviously been asked every year, because of his popularity, but Harry denied them - as rude as it sounds. He wanted his one and only memory of prom to be perfect. He wanted the perfect dress and the perfect date to go. Harry does have his eyes set on someone, but the lad is taken, or so he thinks. The guy's name is Louis Tomlinson and he has Harry's heart in the palm of his hands. 

What happens when tears enough to overflow an ocean, texts, lies, changes in life, and heartbreaks get in the way? Would Harry still go to prom? Who would take care of him? 

Find out in You're Cute. 

Some of you might not like Harry's character in the beginning, but he gets better. 

[highest ranking: #85 in fan fiction]

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I don't understand half of these comments.
                              1) Fem Harry is life???😍
                              2) HE WORE A WHITE SKIRT EARLIER TF WHERE WERE Y'ALL 😂😂😂
Larry_StylinsonCO Larry_StylinsonCO 3 days ago
For a min there i thought it said eleanor but i blinked and then it said elnara!! I have eye problems!!😂
You did it! 😭😭😭😭💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
Damn, didn't even have to scroll that long to see the haters🙄 It's okay tho, Queens Sel & Ari are unbothered😂👍💁
dramionehater dramionehater a day ago
i like ari but.... why justin.... i mean i do ship jelena but i dont like him lol