You're Cute •larry•

You're Cute •larry•

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Cross dresser Harry Styles is wondering if he could find a date for the school prom. It's his last year at the school, and quite frankly his last prom ever, so he'd like to go. But, he needs to find the perfect boy, and Louis Tomlinson just might be his date. 

What happens when tears enough to overflow an ocean, lies, and heartbreaks get in the way? Would he still go? Who  would take care of him?
  Larry Stylinson Short Story.
  I suck at descriptions, so I'm terribly sorry!!

If you came here for smut, don't expect any more than once.

Also, some of you may not like Harry's character towards the beginning of the book, but he gets better. 

[highest ranking: #85 in fan fiction]

Like 4 family members have that car that I'm sick of seeing it. It's so popular and I don't like trends
Wow 😂 Lou is Gonna Love You Expect Him To Steal Your Shoes
The only reason I'm happy is bc they used the right you're & your (it's probably not gonna be Louis but mark my words)
Ik its ariana grande but my name is also ariana lmao so imma just imagine myself instead of her
I love Eleanor. She's so beautiful and her smile. I'm actually gay for her
I feel like he would wear something like that well in man form??? Lmao man form