The Real You And Me | Alan Rickman + Emma Watson

The Real You And Me | Alan Rickman + Emma Watson

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What if every girls favorite fandom of Snamione came true?
  J.K Rowling has read many stories about her two favorite actors. And after many pleads for a movie on their love based off of fanfics, she gives in.
  She gets Alan Rickman and Emma Watson together for a movie production and they are sort of shy about such things. Of course they have known about these certain pairings, but to bring them to life is really crazy.
  What Will happen? Well... read and find out!

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onlyandme onlyandme Oct 14
It was effin great! Awesome, amazing, I don't have any better adjective to describe this story! I can't help but smile like a dog while reading this! It's just simply...AWESOME
a_aisya a_aisya Nov 07
I don't know why I keep squealing every time a new paragraph starts.
He had a wife. And cancer. 
                              So this story has already made me cry  and be happy
I've been putting off this story. I'm sorry. know you love me. Can't wait
Alex379 Alex379 Sep 28
I want to try and make a comment but everything I type sounds so dirty (even though I don't mean it to be), so all I can say is awesome.