The black Rose GENE X ZANE (ZENE)

The black Rose GENE X ZANE (ZENE)

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I wouldn't stop annoying him and he wouldn't
Stop hurting me. I just wanted to be like
Him he should be happy .Right? Or maybe
I'll just always be Zane the one Eyed-Freak
In my brothers shadows ....I love 
Gene but all he does is hurt me ....

Ugh...when will that pest learn you'd think after hitting
Him or punching him...or his many swirlies we have given him (Just BTW a swirly is where they dunk your head in the toilet) But anyway I'm going to skip again 
He will probably follow me
Again Ughh Heh I'll teach him

(Me aka Travis and Zane)
Or will you gene... 
You may  have feelings for him we may never know...


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MysteryHarp0201 MysteryHarp0201 May 30, 2017
Zane's eyes are beautiful, Gene embrace the sexyness of that angsty teen you torture lol
Luludog14 Luludog14 Sep 01, 2017
I didnt understand a single sentance-wait. There are no sentances. Its one huge blob of incorrectness..
Bleu_Cat Bleu_Cat Jun 21, 2017
Quotations are your friend in the writing department my friend
Zane give up sorry but they ain't gonna let you join TBH they just want attention
MysteryHarp0201 MysteryHarp0201 May 30, 2017
Wait...aaaaawwww..... THIS STORY PART ABOUT GARTE...MMMMMM....IT MATCHES ME RP *gets extremely shook and happy* and hi Zane. If u need another emo to cry to, you got me :)
Qhostie Qhostie Oct 12, 2016
The name of this story is quite familiar to a another certain story. But this seems good so far.