Monster in My Bed

Monster in My Bed

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Nikola By self-absorbed Updated 6 days ago

"You-you really-?"

"Killed the Beta? Yeah, yeah I did."

A good pack wolf does not murder for sheer entertainment, nor do they damage the pack house out of boredom, sleep with the Beta, threaten other pack members, and he or she most definitely does not challenge the Alpha. 

To be short, Kaia was not a good pack wolf. 

Kaia Aalish spent her life in solitude. Having a murderous heart and a vengeful mind didn't permit many friends or family. Being a lone wolf was the only way she was able to fit into society, and, even then, all she did was cause destruction to everyone around her-that is, until she steps into Caedes Territory. 

A few careless mistakes are made which end up causing Kaia some big problems. She has two Alphas on her tail for two very different reasons. One Alpha who will do whatever is necessary to make sure Kaia never takes another breath again, and another Alpha who will do whatever is necessary to keep her safe whether she likes it or not-mainly not. 

Kaia was like a wild fire causing destruction everywhere she went, but how do you burn someone colder than ice and more inviolable than steel? 

You don't. 

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