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✖️✖️ By amanda-bynes-show Updated Oct 15, 2016

in which I try to write suicide squad imagines.

okaydixon okaydixon Sep 04, 2016
can you do an el diablo one? just lots of cute fluff, nothing in specific
daziahlopez11dd daziahlopez11dd Oct 22, 2016
Harleen quinzel x female reader and write it like the chemical bath sene and the reader is a girl joker and turns harleen into HARLEY abd if its not to much and the plane scene were she saves harley :-) :-) :-),
eemmzzi eemmzzi Aug 24, 2016
Can you write deadshot x reader when they love hate each other and Floyd gets jealous of one of the guards when reader changes and the guard is making sexual comments about her? And then Floyd confesses his feelings? And Please don't put too much fluff 😊
AvengingArcher AvengingArcher Aug 26, 2016
Can you do one with Diablo and the reader somehow reminds him so much of his wife. The reader is one of Rick Flag's Soldiers or something?? Idk 😊💕
KatSegla KatSegla Sep 30, 2016
Can I have a Joker imagine please? One in which that we're pregnant during the film and he rescues us out of the jail. (so pretty the replacement of Harley Quinn.)
thejokersbabygirl thejokersbabygirl Aug 25, 2016
Could I have a smutty captain boomerang one please?  Thanks!