•I Married My Maid• •Ciel x Reader•

•I Married My Maid• •Ciel x Reader•

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Gay as fuck By Rosecure Completed

You've worked for the Earl for 8 months, and hes developed interest in you. You've also had a small crush on him, although the thing that seems to be holding you back is his engagement with his Fiance, Elizabeth, who also seems to hold hatred towards you. Now what will you do...?

Black Butler and You Does Not Belong To Me ^-^

Warning: contains some lemons.

Kuroko tetsuya, go back to your anime. GO MAKE LOVE TO KAGAMI TAIGA
Don't be like Tetsuya Sebastian! There can only be one Kuroko Tetsuya, 6th phantom player from the Generation of Miracles and cute best friend of Kagami Taiga.
omg lady elizabeth isnt that mean but i do like a good fight
When you're reading a Ciel x reader and you're wearing Ciel's ring
ciel2008 ciel2008 Nov 03
Stay out of this Drausel Keinz!! We don't want your creepy London bridge/doll music