My Possessive Husband: A Gratsu Fanfic (boyxboy)

My Possessive Husband: A Gratsu Fanfic (boyxboy)

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natsu is uke By gratsuforever Updated Nov 24

Natsu Dragneel is just like any other person. He goes to school, he has a part time job, and family drama. But his father has a gambling problem and when trouble calls, he'll do any thing to fix the problem. Including marrying a man he doesn't even know.

Gray Fullbuster is an extremely successful man. Making his first million at the young age of 18, but when a certain someone catches his attention, he does every thing he can to get him.

Warning: I do not own the plot or characters. Everything goes to its creators. There will be some foul language and light bondage. Read at your own risk.

I saw CeCe and Rocky and thought "Everybody Everybody, get out on the floor"
                              (Shake it up reference)