My Possessive Husband: A Gratsu Fanfic (boyxboy)

My Possessive Husband: A Gratsu Fanfic (boyxboy)

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natsu is uke By gratsuforever Updated 6 days ago

Natsu Dragneel is just like any other person. He goes to school, he has a part-time job, and family drama. But his father has a gambling problem and when trouble calls, he'll do anything to fix the problem. Including marrying a man he doesn't even know.
Gray Fullbuster is an extremely successful man. Making his first million at the young age of 18, but when a certain someone catches his attention, he does everything he can to get him.

So all in all, a love-hate relationship.

Disclaimer: I do not own the plot or characters. Everything goes to its creators. There will be some foul language, light bondage, and naught drawings. Read at your own risk.

WendyWulfe WendyWulfe Dec 27, 2016
Wait so brandan is a girl.. Brandy should be her female name
tM0922 tM0922 6 days ago
I want kids like them. They even help clean. Like where the fück can I get them
tM0922 tM0922 6 days ago
FawnTheFox FawnTheFox Jan 29
Ocean, hmmm. She dose know how big it is right? And how much moisture it holds. Or is this just a blond being a blond.