Rixonite (A YJ Fanfic) ON HOLD

Rixonite (A YJ Fanfic) ON HOLD

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Embodiment of Trash By peytonhip10 Completed

Justice Luthor is a a genius. The 15-year-old has done things that most can only dream of. She's a brilliant, witty, and sassy teen who won't put up with anything standing in the way of her goals.

A few minor setbacks occur, through an assassination attempt. Justice is forced to amputate her right forearm, and she loses sight in her left eye. But, like I said before, she won't let anything stand in her way.

The genius teen changes her entire lifestyle, doing things she never would have dreamed of just a year before. Saving civilians, engineering new technology, and meeting heroes. 

Follow her through her telling of her time with the Young Justice team as she becomes what we now know as Rixonite.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Young Justice. All rights go to Cartoon Network and DC Comics


space-buns space-buns Jan 05
Justice is so pretty!! I love the face claim!! And great chapter!! I love it.
TheLanguageofSarcasm TheLanguageofSarcasm Aug 23, 2016
Nice :D
                              I don't know why I'm so proud of my artwork being a cover XD
peytonhip10 peytonhip10 Jan 25
Just realized that I didn's see the reads for this chapter. I missed the 420 mark by 9 people.
                              Eh, I can always 360 noscope somewhere else
I love the "author from the future part". I do my best not to reread really old stuff. Pretty sure "died from embarrassment" will be on my gravestone one day.
Love gifs. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is like... a lot more than a thousand... you do the mathies.