Campus Crush (boyxboy)

Campus Crush (boyxboy)

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Amara By AmesMax Completed

BOOK ONE in Campus Series

Casper Niely is small and sweet. An angel who blushes at every compliment thrown his way. He's used to being alone, quiet, soft-spoken, and insecure. 

With college being the next big step in his life, the experience might just become a rollercoaster ride for him. Exes, lies, drama, crushes, secrets, friends, and an oh, so sexy professor that always seems to save the day.

Can he get through it all? Can he find romance underneath all the drama?

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ WITH AN OPEN MIND. This is not a book for closed-minded individuals.

richie_rich21 richie_rich21 2 days ago
So it's sad because he doesn't have friends maybe he has an social anxiety or something yet you chose to be an asshat n be rude
Clobenzo Clobenzo 4 days ago
See why you're out there wasting your time with expendable people, he's here actually trying to make something of his life so in a couple year when you're still working at a fast food restaurant he's going to be a well known surgeon. Thank you😊
People talking about having 1k followers and you only have 200..
Levi_Fan_Girl Levi_Fan_Girl 6 days ago
I don't have any social media accounts either unless wattpad counts as one but I don't think it does
Clobenzo Clobenzo 4 days ago
*looks at nails* I'm still trying to figure out when I asked for your useless and irrelevant opinion 💅