HighSansSchoolAU (For Friends Only, Sorry ;-;)

HighSansSchoolAU (For Friends Only, Sorry ;-;)

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SoullessDemon_Weaboo By SoullessDemon_Yaoi Updated Feb 04

Read at your own risk. My imagination is not pretty.

Yes, it has a bunch of sexual stuff. Such as non-con.

All of the Sans' are in a high school. Join Red, Geno, Error, and Fresh as they go through up and downs, romantic or enemy relationships, and how their lives came to be... Sorta.

CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Dec 27, 2016
At my school its use to be walk for 20 secs and run again 
                              But now we don't get to walk at all for 2 laps ;-;
YoungYouTuberArtist YoungYouTuberArtist Oct 22, 2016
Lol.I wonder if blue will shout WHY ARE YOU SIGHING YOUR BREATH STINKS RED!!!!!