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Keeping Jane

Keeping Jane

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Alexander Paxton is not an emotional man. He hates when people are close to him that's why he only trust two people. Thomas Bain his beta and Mark Foster a alpha who helped him build his pack back up. When Alexander was 12 years old his parents died battling rouges and his older sister was off with her mate at another pack. He was alone and made alpha. From then on he began to become a dark man. He didn't let anyone in except the two who helped him most. He didn't think about his mate because he thought he would never have one. 

Jane is the only daughter of Alpha Mark Foster. She is feisty but she loves the pack life. She was never lacking love and never felt like she wasn't enough. That was until she meet her mate. The leader of the top back of America. Everyone feared him. Everyone thought he was a monster in a man form. He never let anyone disrespect his pack and if anyone said they were better he would declare war until it was proved he was indeed the leader of the strongest pack.

Nine kids? That takes dedication. Two years for every kid that is 18 years..... like I said, dedication
I have 7 sisters and 4 brothers. None of them are full, just half and step siblings. My mom only had three, my dad likes to get around lol. I have only met 6 of them out of all.
My friends family is all j's and they all have 5 letters it goes julie-jenna-jacob-jamie-jaxon-jacie-jason-jordn. And the parents and Jessica and Joshua.
My parents didn't go with that route they went:
                              Veronica #me 
                              Lol we have no alphabetical order there.
A moment of silence of our fellow women lost in testosterone 🙏🏻
Dolly_Love Dolly_Love Mar 07
My grandma, mom, myself and my oldest daughter all end with an a except my youngest, hers ends with a y