You can't trust me

You can't trust me

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Dez Cannon By DezCannon Updated Sep 25, 2016

"You don't even want me so stop acting like you care!"

I was pushed roughly against the wall, two arms going on either side of my face.

His jaw was clenched and his eyes were growing darker by the second.

"Who told you that?" He growled.

I didn't answer. I end up looking away. His intense gaze was forcing me to.

"Who?!" He yelled louder causing me to flinch.

"Z-Zach", I stutter.

In a flash he's at the door.

"Ace don't do something your going to regret", I plead.

"Oh I won't", and with that he storms out of the room.

What have I done?

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ReniitaWare ReniitaWare Sep 27, 2016
Wow I can't wait for the next chapter for this book is awesome 😚
dez_cannon dez_cannon Oct 12, 2016
Hey guys my account is switched now so I will be updating with that account now. My full name is Dezarey btw
Lena4240 Lena4240 Sep 20, 2016
Hey it's almost like my name which is melody, but most people get my name mixed up Melanie so close enough I guess :-)
- - Nov 30, 2016
I agree I have small expectations, but I know I'll be intrigued at the end, and hopefully every moment in between
DesiLayton DesiLayton Oct 12, 2016
Quick question.... is your full name Desiray's? And I love your book so far. I'm a fan for sure!
Lena4240 Lena4240 Sep 20, 2016
Oh my god that was an awesome chapter. Keep this up and your book will definitely become even more popular than it already is. ;-) :-)