Mirrored Hearts (Red Velvet Pancakes)

Mirrored Hearts (Red Velvet Pancakes)

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Matthew E. Williams By MamaBearMatt Updated Nov 09, 2016

((do u even title bro?))

Matthew Williams wasn't exactly picture perfect. Far from it, actually. Sure, he did well in school, and sure, he had a proper mannerism, but there was one other thing he had that nobody else approved of but him.

Matthew Williams was friends with the man in the mirror.

Even after what seemed like decades of therapy sessions, that fact refused to cancel itself out. But now, when he finds his whole lifestyle, the way he understood reality, threatened, will he be able to find a way out of it? Will he be able to get back to his old lifestyle, the one that he understood?

Better yet... does he want to get back?


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jamie_envy jamie_envy Sep 10
" I'm starin' at the MAN IN THE MIRROR!!!" I love that song.
ZoeyTerbick123 ZoeyTerbick123 Dec 15, 2016
I know its talking about Matt, but the first thing that poped in my head was some crazy guy.
CrazyButterLoverSky CrazyButterLoverSky Aug 23, 2016
This is really well done so far! I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
Im just rereading the story while waiting for my bus to come. This is so good!!!! ^^
Lol my family'd be a bit weirded out but generally wouldn't care
ZoeyTerbick123 ZoeyTerbick123 Dec 15, 2016
"To see another person in the mirror, to talk to the person in the mirror."
                              Literally me in any mirror. In public or not.