Thatcher's Mate (Gay Werewolf Romance)

Thatcher's Mate (Gay Werewolf Romance)

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Dawn Wilder By dawnwilder Completed

Lorenzo never expected to be looking for a new pack.

But when his Alpha's behavior pushes him out, he finds himself fighting in the tournament to show off his skills to potential new Alphas.

Only problem is, his old one just can't seem to let things go...

Thatcher never thought he'd find himself in the tournament either. Or that he'd end up sharing a tent with someone as sexy as Lorenzo.

He just wants to focus on competing. But, man. It's difficult.

This could get real complicated real fast.

***Adult Content (18+), ~20,000 words, Gay Werewolf Novella

Inuyasha7172003 Inuyasha7172003 Oct 16, 2016
If there were ACTUAL Werewolves in this world, I'd want someone who's seriously hot to imprint on me... I'd be SO happy. But, their personality would have to be awesome, otherwise, I'd be kinda sad, lol😂
bxbfangirl bxbfangirl Sep 05, 2016
It's the first time I read that werewolves have different color perception in wolf form which is 100% logical. I don't know why nobody mentioned this before
Inuyasha7172003 Inuyasha7172003 Oct 16, 2016
.... Thatcher and Lorenzo sittin' in a tree. 
                              FIRST COMES LOVE,
                              THEN COMES MARRIAGE,
                              THEN COMES THE COUPLE WITH A BABY CARRIAGE!!! (Even though the last line is basically IMPOSSIBLE, I still wanted to sing it😈😂😈😂
dawnwilder dawnwilder Aug 23, 2016
@KaySetonks I don't remember reading it anywhere, but I can't guarantee I was the first- I know I haven't read everything!  In any case, I'm glad you like it :).
gryphon88 gryphon88 Oct 11, 2016
Wonderful story !!!   And loved that Saved by the Bell reference !!
So you'll finish publishing the story on wattpad then take it down?