Greaser- Voltron AU

Greaser- Voltron AU

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Goofy Goober By LambSauce_ Updated Aug 26

Lance stood in front of Keith, his heart pounding. 

Now you see, Lance had a very important decision to make. He could either hop onto Keith motorcycle and risk his inevitable death, or he could stay here, and let their gang rival 'The Zarkons' pound him to death. 

Oh god, Lance was gonna regret this. 

-I do not own Voltron, or any of the characters! All credit goes to the original creators! 

-In this AU all characters are about the same age 

-There will be minor swearing, and occasional violence 

-There will be the mention of drinking,  smoking, homophobia, and abuse. If you find these topics uncomfortable, please read with caution

You better shut your quiznack cause things gon get ugly if yay don
The first time I saw this it made me think of the Outsiders. Has anypne else read that book?